Jammu Bar fighting State communalism

The J&K High Court Bar Association Jammu (Jammu Bar Association), responding to notices issues by the Supreme Court of India (Suo Moto Writ Petition, Criminal, No. 1 of 2018), insists that Deepika Singh Rajawat, advocate, was neither threatened nor obstructed from appearing in the High Court on behalf of the … Read More

Demographic threat behind stir: Jammu Bar

The J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu, (Jammu Bar Association) informed the committee constituted by the Bar Council of India that its recent strike was driven by concerns over a deep-rooted conspiracy to cause demographic changes in Jammu province and hurt the sentiments of the State’s minority community, i.e., the … Read More

Kathua tall tales unravel

The fabricated and incendiary tales about the still unknown events surrounding the tragic death of an eight-year-old girl in Rassana village, district Kathua, Jammu province, are beginning to unravel. Since the discovery of her body on Jan. 17, a nine-year-old boy was found dead three days after he went missing … Read More

Conundrums of Kathua

The tragic rape and murder of a child in Kathua, Jammu province, has become a political cause célèbre thanks to the Lutyens glitterati, who moved at lightning speed to extract support from the United Nations, a body that possibly still craves to gift the State to Pakistan under the discredited … Read More

Monsanto loses right to patent Seeds

Opponents of genetically modified crops received a boost when the Delhi High Court upheld the Indian Patent Act, which states that seeds and life forms cannot be patented, and the Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights Act, 2001, which biotechnology multinationals have tried to undermine, and ruled that key … Read More

Marxists dig for Apostle Thomas

Rescuing the antiquity of Indian civilisation from the biblical mythology of Max Mueller, rubbishing the well-orchestrated history-as-dogma of the Aryan invasion and proving the existence of river Saraswati, excavating and resurrecting the still unknown past, and restoring the once handsome architectural marvels that have fallen victim to time or iconoclasts, … Read More

Counter terrorism’s growing footprint

In July 2018, the United Nations will likely undertake its sixth bi-annual review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy that was adopted by consensus in 2006. In the dozen years that have since elapsed, terror attacks have spread all over the globe, challenging authorities with their shape-shifting tactics – bomb … Read More

Army chief raised the right issue

Among the Bangladeshi nationals listed in the National Register of Citizens, a foreigner detected in June 2005 has acquired a voter’s identity card and Aadhaar card. Obviously, the population of illegal aliens determined to settle in Assam is a natural votebank for the party that provides the documentation enabling eternal … Read More

The Gandhis and the vicissitudes of Karma

Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience He stands waiting; With exactness grinds He all. This poetic aphorism from the early Greek philosophers captures the unveiling of the deceitful transactions behind the transfer of the National Herald group assets worth Rs. 2,000 … Read More

Rattled Mamata arrests Tapan Ghosh

Hindu Samhati founder Tapan Ghosh was arrested soon after he staged a highly successful rally in support of Israel in Kolkata, a stronghold of fundamentalist Islamic clerics, who were further agitated by news that fourteen members of a Muslim family underwent Ghar Wapsi (return to the Hindu fold) publicly, as … Read More