Get going

As the coronavirus moves remorselessly across the world, and medical experts surmise that it could be with us for another two-three years, its lasting legacy will be pain for those at the bottom rung of society, those marginally above, and those in the middle. With three successive lockdowns India has … Read More

A dubious propaganda

In an interview to German television Deutsche Welle (On April 17, 2020), writer-activist Arundhati Roy accused the Government of India “of exploiting the coronavirus outbreak to inflame tensions between Hindus and Muslims”, adding dramatically, “the situation is approaching genocidal”. Given their experience with a democratically elected leader in 1933, one … Read More

The Corona Apocalypse [Russian]

Russian-American scholar, Vladislav Krasnov, has kindly translated my Corona column in Russian and circulated on a select group of intellectuals. Sharing:- * Корона апокалипсис Jain крат.doc Вторник, 14 апреля 2020 года | Автор: Сандхья Джайн КОРОННЫЙ АПОКАЛИПСИС в ИНДИИ (Адаптировпанный перевод с английского: В. Краснов) В условиях, когда страны … Read More

The Corona apocalypse

Some contours of the post-Coronavirus world are clearly visible. The nation-state has regained legitimacy; the case for free flow of refugees/immigrants across a borderless world has collapsed; and governments are facing the critical test of whether they can rally their people behind them to overcome the disease. India has performed … Read More

Politics in Corona Exodus

There is a strange coincidence, if not synergy, between some Twitter handles calling for a national government to deal with the Coronavirus health crisis even though the central government enjoys a staggering majority, and the sudden exodus of thousands of casual labour from jhuggi clusters across Delhi on Saturday, March … Read More

America’s big gamble

Afghanistan’s peace process has stumbled as talks between the government and Taliban in Oslo, Norway, could not begin on March 10, 2020, as President Ashraf Ghani’s rival, Abdullah Abdullah, held a parallel swearing-in ceremony on March 9, 2020, repudiating the results of the September 2019 election. Abdullah had challenged the … Read More

Reformer par excellence

When Vinayak Damodar Savarkar passed away on February 26, 1966, at the ripe age of 82, despite health wracked by the dehumanizing conditions in Cellular Jail, Andamans (July 1911-May 1921), further imprisonment in Alipore, Ratnagiri and Yerawada jails (till January 1924), some stalwarts remembered his contribution to the freedom movement. … Read More

Pseudo-Caliphate and India

Even if we overlook the facts about which nation is “occupying” Kashmir, by stating that there is “no difference between Gallipoli and occupied Kashmir”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unambiguously signalled his intention to emerge as “imam” of the new (pseudo) Caliphate he hopes to lead by 2023, the centenary … Read More

Reading the Act

As agitators show fatigue with the unending Delhi-based protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, sending feelers for face-saving talks, Western media busybodies have rushed to the cause, alleging a sinister plot to render 200 million Muslims stateless. In a vacuous article, “Intolerant India”, The Economist of London alleges a plot … Read More

A new lurking danger

Few would have missed the videos of children (under 10 years old) chanting “azadi” and abusing the Prime Minister and Home Minister for alleged animosity and evil intent towards one community. Since one cannot expect children of such tender age to have knowledge or understanding of the Citizenship Amendment Act … Read More