Sonia : The Pasta of Politics

Sonia Gandhi has wisely refrained from fielding daughter, Priyanka Vadra, against Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Lucknow. Notwithstanding the carefully crafted media hype, Priyanka as political piece the resistance strains credulity. For the past several years, her public profile consists exclusively of the parties, fashion shows and cultural events … Read More

The year of the nationalist vote

For most political analysts and social scientists, Bellary is simply the constituency where an uncharacteristically aggressive BJP hopes to make Sonia Gandhi eat humble pie. Certainly Sushma Swaraj’s wholesome Hindu appeal and passionate declamation of the Congress president’s non-native origins have sufficiently underscored her ‘outsider’ status to cause profound unease … Read More

The Age of Adolescents

The much-heralded Age of Adolescents has finally dawned. But it is not likely to usher in a brave new world because, notwithstanding the rhetoric, the grim reality is that though young people today constitute the largest-ever segment of the world population, they are not being truly empowered to lead their … Read More

Public money, private fiefdom

There is a disturbing trend in recent years for state-funded institutions to become controversial on account of being controlled by politicians or bureaucrats, often both. If there was Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal, there was the Indian Council of Cultural Relations in Delhi. And now, tenaciously hogging the limelight, is the … Read More

Schizophrenic party at crossroads

Notwithstanding its pleasant showing in coastal Goa, Congress would do well to pay careful attention to Sharad Pawar’s forthcoming convention in Mumbai on June 10. Although he has scrupulously shunned high rhetoric, Pawar has effectively punctured the party in this critical state, taking over the bulk of the Congress Legislature … Read More