Women as politics, not persons

There is something sick about the man­ner in which women’s activists have re­cently been conducting themselves, ob­fuscating the core issue of women’s dignity and empowerment and reducing everything to what is politically correct (that is, beneficial), or politically inconvenient, in which case the entire corpus gets instant amnesia. Even a … Read More

The issue is art, not aesthetics

The public apology by the commercially challenged MF Hussain has not just salvaged his proposed film project with cinestar Madhuri Dixit, but also quieted public passions on the sensitive issue. However, Hussain’s unexpected capitula­tion before the “watch-dogs of a political-religious outfit” must have come as a setback to the artists, … Read More

From ambivalence to affirmation

As was only to be expected, our breast-beating Cassandras have once again been proved wrong, and the worst of international hostility to India’s unexpected de­cision to go nuclear is already behind us. Even as opposition parties, leftists, secular intellectuals, and peaceniks got the knives out for the Vajpayee Government in … Read More