Fragile Falsehoods: Karmic Maturation of History

Having spewed venom and cast aspersions on the intellec­tual credentials of historians recently nominated to the Indian Council of Historical Research, the once domi­nant Left-liberal school of historiog­raphy finds itself repenting at leisure as its own performance comes under public scrutiny. Though the ar­raigned historians have held their peace, cursory … Read More

Countdown to a new world order

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s sharp rebuke notwithstanding, the BJP Government has reason to be grateful to South Africa for unilaterally and irrevocably redefining non-alignment at Durban. Since South African President Nelson Mandela’s in­augural speech suggesting Non-Aligned Movement’s (NAM’s) intervention in Kashmir was utterly unexpected, it understandably set the dovecotes … Read More