Pseudo-Caliphate and India

Even if we overlook the facts about which nation is “occupying” Kashmir, by stating that there is “no difference between Gallipoli and occupied Kashmir”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan unambiguously signalled his intention to emerge as “imam” of the new (pseudo) Caliphate he hopes to lead by 2023, the centenary … Read More

Reading the Act

As agitators show fatigue with the unending Delhi-based protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, sending feelers for face-saving talks, Western media busybodies have rushed to the cause, alleging a sinister plot to render 200 million Muslims stateless. In a vacuous article, “Intolerant India”, The Economist of London alleges a plot … Read More

A new lurking danger

Few would have missed the videos of children (under 10 years old) chanting “azadi” and abusing the Prime Minister and Home Minister for alleged animosity and evil intent towards one community. Since one cannot expect children of such tender age to have knowledge or understanding of the Citizenship Amendment Act … Read More

Spiralling into incoherence

The paroxysms of religious intolerance increasingly engulfing Pakistan and sections of its civil society, not to mention the frenzied anti-India exhortations of its favourite militant outfits, are inexorably pushing the nation towards political incoherence and religious apoplexy, from which return to sanity seems unlikely. Two recent events best exemplify this … Read More

Historical promises

The demonstrations in several cities since the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act are clearly planned and highly coordinated, with agitators connected to groups in different parts of the same city, having transport for rapid movement from one spot to another, given contact numbers to access eminent lawyers, taught to … Read More

Genuine concerns

If there were any doubt about the urgency for India’s new citizenship act, Rachel Avraham, who exposed Rohingya Muslim atrocities against Hindus in Myanmar in 2017, provides it in an explicit account of the continuing rapes of Hindu women and girls in Bangladesh. (World ignores mass rape of Hindu women … Read More

Seeds of misfortune

Farmers’ bodies are concerned that the proposed draft Seeds Bill 2019 and Pesticide Management Bill 2019 could weaken farmers’ rights and increase corporate control over seed, as the definition of “farmer” has been tweaked to include traders and corporations as farmers. The original definition of farmer excluded any individual, company, … Read More

प्रचंड जनांदोलन की सुखद परिणति

My article for Panchjanya weekly, published on November 24, 2019, is attached in the following URLs: file:///C:/Users/Sandhya/Downloads/Mpage_46.pdf file:///C:/Users/Sandhya/Downloads/Mpage_47.pdf file:///C:/Users/Sandhya/Downloads/Mpage_48.pdf file:///C:/Users/Sandhya/Downloads/Mpage_49.pdf * Original article in English is below:- Ayodhya: Culmination of a people’s movement Panchjanya, 24 November 2019 The Supreme Court is set to deliver its verdict on the vexatious issue … Read More

Historical Reconstruction

A learned member of the five-judge Bench (not Constitution Bench) wisely collated the evidence regarding Sri Ram’s birthplace and appended it to the Supreme Court’s verdict of November 9, granting the disputed site to Ramlalla Virajman. The 116-page addendum highlights the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s gigantic efforts to collect every scrap … Read More

Ayodhya: A unique reconciliation

In a judgment unprecedented in the annals of judicial history anywhere in the world, the Supreme Court of India today (November 9, 2019) brought closure to the 491-year Hindu struggle to reclaim the birthplace of Sri Ram, and in a unanimous verdict announced by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, … Read More