Balochistan: In the Crosshairs of History (Book Review): Adit Bhaduri (IANS)

The year began on a subdued note with the assassination of journalist and activist Karima Baloch, one of Balochistan’s few, fiery and brilliant women freedom fighters. Her dead body was found in a lake in Toronto, Canada. The death is strongly alleged to be that of the Pakistani deep state. … Read More

Book Review: Balochistan in the Crosshairs of History: Côme Carpentier de Gourdon

In a compact 322 page volume Sandhya Jain has encapsulated a vast amount of information on Balochistan. Organized into six large chapters the book covers every major aspect of the land’s ancient and modern history, political and cultural circumstances, natural resources, geographical features and economic situation. The bibliography is comprehensive … Read More


Balochistan has for long been in the crosshairs of history. In the 17th century, the British, largely for geographical, administrative and security reasons, divided the Baloch land  between the British Empire of India and the Persian Empire to the West, with a small number in the deserts of Afghanistan to … Read More