Looking ahead without fear

A prime ministerial interview is an occasion for the incumbent to address his constituents, not an opportunity for critics to extract their pound of flesh. In an interview to news agency ANI, Narendra Modi tackled a range of issues with finesse. Deflecting charges of corruption in the Rafale deal, Modi … Read More

Orphaning Green Revolution

When a scientist who basked for decades in the glory of a technology that ‘rescued’ India from starvation says the green revolution was a failure and the claims made for Generation Next genetically modified (GM) crops are utterly bogus, the shock waves are likely to resonate for a long time.Unsurprisingly, … Read More

Delimitation sore issue in J&K

Having boldly dissolved the Jammu & Kashmir Assembly to prevent horse-trading, and repealed the Roshni Act, it is hoped that Governor Satyapal Malik will continue with bold reforms and not be intimidated by political parties. The decision to make the largely State-owned J&K Bank a public sector enterprise was welcome, … Read More

अयोध्या ही श्रीराम का जन्मस्थान पर विरोधी कुतर्क के आधार पर नकारते हैं

इस समय अयोध्या में जिस स्थान पर रामलला विराजमान हैं, वही श्रीराम का जन्मस्थान है। इसके हजारों साक्ष्य हैं, इतिहास भी साक्षी है। लेकिन राम विरोधी लोग उन साक्ष्यों को कुतर्क के आधार पर नकारते रहे हैं। लेकिन पुरातत्व विभाग के अनेक साक्ष्य ऐसे हैं जो झुठलाए नहीं जा सकते … Read More

Ayyappa: Ascetic extraordinaire

The 50-odd day Mandala Puja at Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple, climax of 41-day long austerities by devotees who piously trek barefoot through Pampa forest to reach the shrine, has currently become a spiritual obstacle course for the faithful who have to suffer shabby sabotage by the State government that has ruthlessly … Read More

वामपंथियों ने हमेशा श्रीराम के अस्तित्व को नकराने का काम किया

बरसों बाद अयोध्या में हलचल है। रामभक्तों की नजर सर्वोच्च न्यायालय और सरकार की ओर है। उन्हें उम्मीद है उनके आराध्य भगवान श्रीराम तंबू में अस्थायी मंदिर की बजाय जल्दी ही भव्य मंदिर में विराजेंगे। तथ्य स्पष्ट बता रहे हैं कि विवादित स्थल ही भगवान श्रीराम की जन्मभूमि है। जो … Read More

In the Dragon’s embrace

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s failure to renegotiate parts of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) during his visit to Beijing (Nov. 1-5) affirms President Xi Jinping’s inflexible commitment to making China a leading world power by 2049, the centenary of communist rule. The Border & Road Initiative (B&RI) and military … Read More

Plagiarism with Pride

Sometime on November 1, 2018 it was brought to my notice that Anand Kumar, a market research consultant, had tweeted his review of journalist Hemant Sharma’s book, Yudh Mein Ayodhya, wherein Kumar asserted that one chapter, Sangharsh, appeared to be a verbatim translation of Dr. Meenakshi Jain’s Rama & Ayodhya … Read More

Sabarimala: Rights, Ecology, Righteousness

Concerted attempts by mischievous non-believers to defile the Sabarimala precincts and undermine its hallowed traditions highlight the urgent necessity to recover Hindu temples from government control and uphold dharma as understood and practiced by believers. With each passing day it is becoming obvious that the majority decision of the Supreme … Read More

Sabarimala: Justice downsizes Divinity

Its inclusive character notwithstanding, Sabarimala has several characteristics consistent with a denominational temple and should have been spared the humiliation that is currently agitating Ayyappaswami devotees across the country. In hundreds of Ayyappa temples, devotees are welcomed without distinction of gender, jati or even creed. At Sabarimala, Ayyappa, born from … Read More