Mission Kabul: What next?

Taliban is moving cautiously to win international approval. As inexorably as night follows day, the Taliban has returned to Kabul. The whole of Afghanistan has fallen to the Islamic Emirate, barring Panjshir where former Vice President Amrullah Saleh and Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, are trying to raise … Read More

Bengal violence premeditated

On June 30, 2021, the NHRC panel submitted its interim report to the Calcutta High Court, citing the team’s interaction with over 100 families in 168 places and mentioning complaints about 41 murders and allegations of rape of 13 women A fact-find team of the National Human Rights Commission that … Read More

Stanislaus Lourdusamy: A new martyr?

If left-leaning activists, intellectuals and sympathisers feel that Lourdusamy’s end was suspicious, the Government of Maharashtra would do well to order an enquiry into the circumstances of his death. Missionaries and leftwing activists quickly labelled Jesuit priest, Father Stanislaus Lourdusamy, 83, as a martyr after his death at Holy Family … Read More

Delimitation is the way ahead in Jammu and Kashmir

After four hours of closed-door deliberations, the much-hyped meeting of June 24, 2021, between the Centre and the dethroned politicians of the Kashmir region ended with the Prime Minister’s bland assurance that elections would be held after the ongoing delimitation exercise is concluded. There was no mention of a time … Read More

Damning admission on Coronavirus development

While health experts are now demanding serious studies on the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) that was initially touted as a cheap and effective way to control COVID-19, Ivermectin advocates say that the drug can treat all stages of COVID-19 and reduce hospitalisation and mortality rates due to its anti-viral and … Read More

Probe Coronavirus origins

China refuses to admit that the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic escaped from its labs. However, scientists believe that the virus was man-made and possibly leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan. Surprisingly, the World Health Organisation is giving China benefit of doubt by stating that the evidence was not extensive … Read More

Triumphs and Challenges of Modi 2.0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term has been both momentous and tumultuous. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second term has been both momentous and tumultuous. The spectacular defanging of Article 370 of the Constitution was followed by stiff resistance to the Citizenship Amendment Act and horrendous riots in Delhi, political opposition … Read More

Uttar Pradesh and the COVID corpses

Those living along the banks of the Ganga, especially pilgrims who visit Prayag or Varanasi for a holy dip during amavasya, purnima and other auspicious occasions, have long been accustomed to the sight of an occasional corpse floating down the river. As these incidents were few in number, they were … Read More

Lessons from COVID

A stark lesson from the resurgent COVID-19 virus is that India cannot continue to treat its rural areas with the benign neglect of the past seven decades; the need for an equal health infrastructure from village to district, town, city, to metropolis is imperative. The pandemic has swept aside the … Read More

Modi 2.0: Charting India’s Foreign Policy in a changing world

Prime Minister Narendra Modi moved dexterously across the globe from May 2014, making high profile foreign visits and hosting dignitaries in turn, with the aim of entrenching India as a strategic pillar in a changing world. The United States, Russia, China, Australia, Israel, Japan, neighbouring SAARC and ASEAN nations, Arab … Read More